Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Whew! Where have I been? As my good friend, Karen Miller, has so wisely stated, "You have to go out & live your life!" Well, I've truly been living it! I must say it is everything I desire except in the financial arena, however, there is a shifting for the good & "I will reap a Harvest if I do not quit!"
Mike & I have been watching the three part series of "The Lord of the Rings". There are so many spiritual analogies & places that impart understanding & strength to me. The most recent one is in the "Return of the King". It is such a visual to my circumstances that I can draw strength & tenacity, from. Aragon has just been given his authority to be King with a sword that was restored from the previous fallen King. He is also told that his beloveds life will be determined by his success to fully take back his kingship. The next scene is him mounting his horse with his sword & his 'triumphal entry' into the Mountain of Doom. He, like David with Goliath, runs into the Mountain proclaiming, "I do not fear death!" When he is confronted by Death itself, he speaks with the authority of a King that these tortured souls fulfill an oath spoken long ago. When there is unwillingness to obey & questioning of his postion, he pulls out his sword to show he truly is King. Aragon then turns to face the thousands of souls with the question, "What say you?" Today I step out into my authority as a "King & a Priest" in God's Kingdom to take back the 'financial land' that is rightfully ours. I will not fear death (of self) and I will ask the question, "What say you?!?", and I will SUCCEED! I am such a Warrior, it's in my Spiritual DNA, and a favorite verse of mine is from Psalm 108:13 "Through & With God Patrice shall do valiantly, for He it is Who shall tread down her adversaries."

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