Saturday, January 5, 2013

My Naya Girl

Our dog Naya is 13 years old. She is teaching ME how to take care of an elderly dog. She is not your typical idea of what 'elderly' might look like, as she was out snowshoeing with me today. I, of course groomed the path, but she followed, digging her nose in the snow. We have had a bit of a challenge with her as of late. She is becoming 'incontinent' in her overnight stay in the garage, (Mike's domain). Cleaning up after her, keeping her clean & looking her best, is not a glamorous job, by any means. With much frustration & determination, I think I have it figured out. It doesn't take 'rocket science' however, since I have not dealt with this issue before, it has taken some creativity & thought, alot of 'trial & error' & sadly, some harsh words & strong displeasure with her. I have found that timing & strategy is everything! We have had two dry nights in a row. I am learning about unconditional love, respecting her at this stage in her life & helping to maintain her dignity. As long as she has sparkle in her eye's & enjoy's our walk's together, she will remain, 'My Naya Girl'!

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