Monday, March 5, 2012

I am taking a Dream Class & one of my favorite quotes is by St. Irenaeus, "The Glory of God is a man fully alive." That is my quest. To be fully alive with the Glory of God. I find that I have experienced this full aliveness at times, however, there are often times I don't. I believe it is possible & that I am on the path to get there & that it is a choice that I must make daily. As I spend my time reading, worshiping my Creator, journaling, writing, drawing & spending time in nature, photography & quality time with friends & family & even in lifes many challenges & at work connecting with others. This is where I find I become alive. This is a life that is full & beautiful. This is where I choose to invest my life & as I do, the rewards have been & will continue to be great.

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