Tuesday, March 6, 2012

On Sunday I could feel a shift in nature. After going to church, my husband & I decided on our way home, that it was a perfectly beautiful day to pack a lunch & go for a drive up on Gore Pass. Two moose had been seen near our home earlier in the week so we were on the search for more moose. On our way up we saw some fresh tracks we were certain were moose. After having our little 'picnic' in the car & enjoying the sunshine, listening to the beautiful & inspiring Rivera's new 'Yearnings' CD, and an eagle soaring overhead, I felt like I was in Heaven! As we headed back, we slowed by the tracks we saw earlier and spotted this moose laying down in the trees! I never seem to tire of nature & God's creation. Thank you Lord for spontaneity, and how my heart is stirred by the freshness of each season. My eyes are filled with renewed hope & I am glad!

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